AR games have taken off in a huge way in the past few years. It all started with the release of Pokémon Go, which became an instant hit. Following in Pokémon Go’s footsteps, several AR games of all genres followed.

As a result, AR games now have an audience. It is no longer an obscure technology but is relatively popular. So, this is the best time in history to create an AR game of your own.

But AR is still a new technology for many developers. To stand out from many of the mediocre AR games that are released each year, one must be willing to take the development services from only the top AR game developers out there.

Below we are listing some of these service providers, who have proven track records as top AR game development companies:

Juego Studio

Juego Studio is a top game development studio founded back in 2011. They provide several game development services. AR game development for iOS and Android platforms is one of their primary areas of expertise.

The company has a team of dedicated AR developers. This team of developers is experts at various development technologies like ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia,8th Wall, etc. They also are experts at the various development platforms they work in.

Over the years, the team has created several notable AR game projects for their clients. Being an AR game development company, which has been developing for the technology since its inception, the team at Juego can execute AR game projects of all types and scope.


Visartech is a software development company established in 2010. The company creates various applications and games and other content for various platforms. Among them is their AR game development services.

The AR team at Visartech are experts at different AR development tools and toolkits. This includes Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, Vuforia, and 8th Wall. Using these, they create AR games of all genres for their various clients.

Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is a well-known name in the game development sphere as a whole. One of their chief specialties is AR game development.

The team at Kevuru Games can design, develop, and test, and help deploy AR games of all types and scopes. They even adhere to their own AR standards which help them deliver excellent quality projects every, single time.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is another leading AR game development company.

They have a dedicated team of artists and developers, who can create AR games for all audiences. They are experts at developing for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. They use the latest tools like Unity, Unreal, ARKit, ARCore, etc., to develop their acclaimed AR game projects.

Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified is a top AR game development and design company, who offers excellent services for their various clients.

Just like many on the list, the team is experts at using the latest AR tools to create marker-based, marker-less, and location-based AR games. The team at Logic Simplified also keeps a close watch on upcoming AR development technologies in order to adapt them at their inception.

Team in India

Team in India is a top game development team with 50+ experts.

The team uses Unity, Unreal, and WebAR to create AR games for different platforms. This includes smart glasses, smartphones, and tablets, the latter from both iOS and Android technologies.

One of their most notable games include Creature Strike, which is an addictive AR game, they developed using the Unity3D game engine.


RedAppleTech is a top app and game development company. One of their chief services includes their VR game development services.

Over the years, RedAppleTech has delivered several notable AR game projects.


Intelivita is an expert at creating AR games for both Android and iOS platforms.

The team at Intelivita consists of a team of dedicated professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of AR technology, as well as the various platforms they are going to develop.


Quytech is another top software development company. They have a 130+ team spread across multiple development disciplines. Over the years, they have created 500+ projects across multiple platforms.

The team at Quytech are experts at using the Unity3D technology to create AR games. One of their notable games include a social community AR game, they developed for one of their clients.


Digifutura is primarily an application development company. It was founded back in 2015.

One of their chief services includes the development of AR content for various platforms. Among them is the development of AR games of all genres.


A top AR game has a higher chance of success in today’s competitive atmosphere. Games that are created by adhering to the highest standards can achieve success at a much higher rate than ever before.

By selecting a top AR game development company to create your AR game, you too can have a game that stands out and gets users.



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