Reviewing Developments in the gaming business in the last ten years

It goes without saying that the gaming business has risen to great heights in the past 40 years. In the last 10 years, the growth has been stupendous. With the advent of multiple digital platforms, gaming has caught the attention of all age groups. True, gaming has been the fancy of a few specific groups, but there are probably very few people who might not have heard the name of “Angry Birds”. The boom in mobile technology and gaming zones has revolutionized the entire scope of gaming and opened doors to a large number of gamers and game developers.

A Brief Outlook:

The video gaming industry has been quite old and is a giant. However, gaming has no longer been confined to just video games and it has risen in leaps and bounds to reach greater heights. Games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake or Marvel’s Spiderman have made the game development process increasingly challenging. Big giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google have been getting their hands in this business with great success. While the Game of Thrones by Apple has grabbed the attention of gamers, Minecraft has been extremely popular after its inception by Microsoft. Most of these games are cross-platform and come with excellent graphics. Minecraft has been extremely popular since its inception by Microsoft.

There are a lot of popular game development companies out there, starting from big giants to some of the most talented start-ups. Before you choose the game developing company to build your game, do thorough research to find the best one in the market. Start-ups like Juego Studios have the capability to offer you the customized game of your choice. Some major developments in the gaming industry over the past decade have been elaborated below.

1. Popularity of independent game developers:

The game business has witnessed a lot of independent game developers from freelancers to major corporations to some of the forward-looking game players in a billion dollar industry. This has led to diversity and variety in the entire gaming industry. As a matter of fact, the gaming market no longer targets only youngsters.

Independent gamers took the entire gaming industry by storm. Ample of free game development software versions are offered by many gaming companies. Over the past 10 years, such games have gained a lot of acclaim from game enthusiasts and have proved to be creatively successful. Game developers have enjoyed the freedom to develop games as per the expectations of the audience.

2. Marketing strategies transformed:

Marketing has become one of the crucial elements of gaming. It is an important functional approach for making some brilliant games reach out to the masses. The merchandising part of the gaming business has evolved over the years. Some goodies, fancy items, and accessories like hats, T-shirts, bags, mugs, etc have become part of promotions. This is to create the much-needed hype around the gaming products.

3. Offline to online transformation:

Gaming has also transformed from offline to online in app stores. This is definitely a noteworthy point to observe in the last decade. This transformation has enabled the game developers or companies to offer their games directly to gaming enthusiasts. No wonder, this opportunity has been incredible to the gaming business. This business requires no physical stores. So, if we are not willing to drive to the gaming zones, you can easily pick your favorite games online according to your budget. Well, we may also choose the free games; there are ample of them out there.

4. Games are a lot more appealing over the decade:

Yes, games have a lot more appeal and this change happened in the recent past. We can find games that are no longer bland and simple. Games now convey stories that are interesting to gamers. There is no greater room for games with scope for emotions, exploration, characters, etc. We can find a multitude of games that are simple on one hand and funny, complex, and emotional ones on the other.

The quirky games are often more lucrative to the gamers, especially when they are willing to spend some quality time on those. The display aspects of the games have improved a lot in the past years. The color scheme, layout, button options, etc., all have improved significantly. The visuals of the games deserve appreciation. Also, owing to the appeal, games have reached every corner of the world.

5. For all age groups:

No wonder, games were not that popular in the 2000s. Today, we can find games customized for different age groups. While you can play adventurous games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, for children Spiderman by Marvel, is extremely fascinating. Thus, parents can be relieved to find some simple games for young ones without affecting them with redundant complexity. For the adults, there are a plethora of games available on app stores, which are tailored as per the preferences. We can choose the games based on the state of mind at the moment.

6. Augmented reality:

Game developers have been now endowed with some incredible technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have enabled the games to reach new heights in terms of sound effects, visuals, gestures, touch screen, control buttons, etc. Games such as Minecraft and Temple Run VR have become more engaging. Game developers now optimize the user-experience to make an interactive environment. We can now find games that can adapt and respond to our behavior while playing.

7. Animation is the key:

Games are no more stereotypical or static. Animation has caught the fancy of millions of gamers worldwide. We may be fascinated to see some incredible animation of characters on our mobile screens that seem real.

8. Free demos available:

Earlier, games didn’t have free demos. Yes, games now also have their own press releases, critics, and reviews. Whole new gaming journalism has evolved over time, and we can download the ones based on the previews.

9. Mobile world has taken over the gaming business:

With the upsurge in mobile phone popularity in the last decade, gamers have the ease of access to play anywhere and anytime. We no longer have the constraint of sticking to one place to play on PC or gaming consoles.


With such phenomenal technological advancements, it’s always advisable to choose game companies like Juego Studios which specializes in games powered by Augmented Reality, amazing animation, and Virtual reality. Take a look at their website to understand the range and variety of games they have to offer.

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