App Development Options: Outsourcing To Offshore or Sticking With Local Companies?

App development is a demanding job. Even if you have a good idea, you’ll need a great app developer to turn that idea into reality. But the million dollar question is this: whether to hire a local company or go for an Offshore one.

If you have the same question in mind, this blog is for you. Here, you’ll find advantages or benefits of hiring local and offshore companies briefly. It will help you compare easily and decide which companies you should refer to. So, read this blog in full and make the right decision.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process in which companies hire a professional or a team of professionals to get a particular task done. The team usually is composed of qualified professionals. They can be within the country or located abroad. If you hire someone from within your own country, it is called local or onshore outsourcing. When you hire someone from a country other than yours, it’s an example of offshore outsourcing.

Let’s help you compare: -

Benefits of Outsourcing App Development to Local Companies:

Local companies are either located within your country or your city. It means there’s no time zone gap. There will be no barrier for communication created by language between you and the company you’re hiring. Here are some benefits of hiring local companies: -

Local Companies offer smooth communication.

The best part of outsourcing a job to local companies is the convenient communication. If you and your developer belong to the same time zone and communicate through the same language, it’s quite easy to get the job done. If the local company is located nearby, the developers can even visit you in person. And, this will help you communicate the ideas better.

Local Companies understand the needs better.

Programming is not the only aspect of app development. Several other aspects make an application great. You’ll need unique skills, proven experience, and competitive analysis to deliver something matchless. Local companies make it a possibility. It’s because local developers have the required experience and exposure, which makes the difference.

Local Companies support the local economy.

Outsourcing app development within the USA to local companies like Juego Studios will help the local economy. It’s because we hire local developers who help contribute to the country’s growth.

Local Companies adhere better to quick changes.

When app development is in process, frequent changes are quite obvious. And, making those changes can be quite time-consuming with an overseas team. However, if you hire a local company, you can meet in person, explain the scenario, and ask for changes. This way, you can get your changes done effectively in less time.

Some popular applications built by local app development companies in USA: -

● Call of Duty Warzone.

● Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

● Mini Militia.

● Uber.

Advantages of Outsourcing App Development to Offshore Companies:

Offshore companies are usually located in foreign countries, which seem to offer unique benefits. Here are some of them: -

Offshore Companies never necessarily present with a language barrier:

If you’re not hiring a writer from overseas, there won’t be a language barrier. After all, the language of code is the same across the globe. You may need a person who’ll act as a middleman to communicate, but there will also be access to a global talent pool. Worthy, right?

Offshore Companies help you with affordable talent:

Budget is always a constraint when you consider app development. It’s because hiring and paying a developer is not the only expense. App testing, new additions, implementation of the latest technologies, all this comes at a price.

And, if you hire offshore companies, you can get your app developed at low cost. The resources thus saved i.e. money and time can be used for adding the new features.

Offshore Companies offer Technical Brilliance:

You’ll be surprised to know how advanced some offshore app development companies like Juego Studios are. Such companies are capable of implementing the latest or even emerging technologies affordably. So, by outsourcing app development to offshore companies, you can add advanced features at unbeatable prices.

Offshore Companies save you from competitor snooping:

Now, this is quite important. With local companies, there are chances of your app being similar to other competitors. It’s because competitors are always ready to snoop in. And if you go for offshore companies, there’s a lot more privacy.

Your competitors will most certainly never know what you’re up to. And this will help you bring something unique for your customers.

Some popular applications built by offshore companies: -

● Domino’s.

● National Geographic Mobile Application.

● Papa John’s Pizza Delivery App.

● Art of Living- A Meditation App.

Where can you find offshore or local app development companies?

Finding an offshore or local app development company is easier than you think. There are numerous online IT directories where you can find worthy candidates. Also, LinkedIn is a great platform to look for app development companies.

A better option, in order to save your precious time and resources, is readily available. Come to Juego Studios for an unforgettable app development experience. If you’re in the USA, UK, India, or Kuwait, you can hire Juego Studios as a local app development company.

The best thing is you’ll get the benefits of hiring both an offshore and a local company. It’s because app developers at Juego Studios have ample experience in dealing with both local and overseas clients.

Our app developers have crafted numerous popular applications like fantasy based Adventure Quest Battle Gems, Pro Feel Golf, AR based Puma Gunners and more.

If you can not find our company in your country, you can still outsource your app development to us. It means we work both as a local and offshore company. Here are some features and benefits of hiring us: -

  • Experienced Developers:

You need not worry about expertise since our developers already have the experience & exposure you need.

  • Futuristic Technology:

Harnessing the latest technology we will create apps that your customers love.

  • Affordable Solutions:

We never delegate our tasks to other companies, which helps us keep our costs low. So, you can get amazing apps built at affordable prices.

  • Great communication:

From numerous projects that we’ve completed, we know how important communication is. So, you won’t face a communication gap working with us.


Both Offshore and local app development companies have their benefits. However, it’s your requirements which determine what works best for you. If you want all the benefits of hiring both an offshore and a local company, connect with Juego Studios now!

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